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Long time no update this website but others menu is still updating intermittently. If I have a spare time I always find something new and put it in...

article-update 1178 2017-09-05

Drawing Myself

Some side in my mind is always afraid of others' shadow, so there is always a knife after me to protect myself from the dangerous things.

gallery 1398 2017-08-22

Swaeter man

I think this is the new face of my drawing style but it still the same action. My skill level is not better.

gallery 884 2017-05-30


No special meaning of this man. He just touching his necktie with unconcerned face.

gallery 4655 2017-05-30

Meeting time

I drew this picture while I have meeting on the meeting room. Even there was a few minutes I could draw. No meaning anyway.

gallery 908 2017-05-30

Confused man

There is no meaning about my drawing. I named this picture 'confused man' because maybe I was confused at that time.

gallery 1149 2017-05-30

Top Nude man

พอวาดอะไรก็ออกมาเป็นแนวนี่้ตลอด ไม่ได้วาดจริงจังนานมากแล้ว อันนี้ก็ยังไม่จริงจังอยู่ดี


gallery 850 2017-05-18

เผย ภาพร่าง ไอโฟน 6 ทั้งจอใหญ่ และ

นิตยสารของญี่ปุ่น MacFan ฉบับล่าสุด ได้เปิดเผยผ่านทาง Mac Otakara ถึงภาพเสก็ตที่ดูเหมือนจะเป็น ภาพร่างของ ไอโฟน 6 ที่แสด...

article-mobile 1115 2014-04-02

Standing Man

another one, when I have a short free time.

gallery 862 2014-03-10

Hugging Arm

During this time, I always draw the cartoon everywhere ... another one I quickly drew...

gallery 825 2014-03-04

Tissue Drawing

Since I didn't have enough time to draw or write anything too much, so I drew everywhere if I have only both of pen or pencil and paper (whatever t...

gallery 784 2014-03-03

On the restuarant

I like to draw everywhere if I have a time just a minutes is OK ^^ while I have waiting for dish up, there was a paper order and I have nothing to ...

gallery 847 2014-02-10

Bloody Bear [gif]

gallery 1140 2013-07-15

[ Dot Pixel Style ] Saphan


gallery 864 2013-07-04

[ Dot Pixel Style ] Nezzie

[ Dot Pixel Style ] Nezzie

gallery 858 2013-06-28


gallery 808 2011-05-17

Thinking Man

Thinking Man

gallery 822 2011-05-16

Little Girl

gallery 847 2011-05-06

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