Memories from Sapporo, Japan 16-28 October 2008

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I have gone to Japan since October 16th until October 29th 2008. It was a short trip but it have kept in my heart for a long time. I have never seen what a thing like that. Sapporo is the place which is clean and neat. Everything seems like in the plateform. I just said about view and surrounding it is not included people. However I have felt good with everything in Sapporo, well.

For me, Sapporo is very liveable. I did not know about Sapporo or history of there but when I went and see around the town, it could attract me to live there! I stayed there for 12 days and I have seen only the good things and that's why I still love Sapporo and crazy more about Japan.

Memories from Sapporo, Japan 16-28 October 2008

When I and my friends arrived at Chitose-Airport, I looked around and there were many things that we did not know such as view, people, or even weather! Of course because the place which we stood at that time was not Thailand but Sapporo, Japan! The first feeling that I felt when I looked around was surprise. Everything was very neat for example the houses that located in block which not too big or too small, the cars on the road were not crowded, and the footpath was very clean. In the first time I felt I did not dare to speak with the host family. I was not confident in Japanese and only listened from them until we arrived at the house. I was still not sure what should I do first? I just still sat with friends. However when the host family asked me something, I answered. After I stayed there and made myself to be familiar, I began to speak out more and made familiarize with the places.

The host families were Mitsunaga san and Orita san. I and Jun had to stay in Orita’s House and Yuriko had to stay in Mitsunaga’s house with Shiori. However we always met together because Orita san took I and Jun to Mitsunaga’s House almost everyday. (Around 2 days that I and Jun had to stay in Mitsunaga’s house because Orita san was busy.

The first day we had Japanese Sukiyaki in the Mitsunaga's house (I felt the taste was like Sukiyaki that I had in the Fujita's house before I came here) Mitsunaga san likes Thailand, he often spoke Thai with us and sometimes I spoke Thai with him. It was fun. Then I and Jun came back to Orita’s house because we had to stay here. The next day Orita san took me and Jun to Mitsunaga’s house. We meet and talk together. They took us to Jusco for having lunch. I remembered that I and Jun found the little boy whose name ‘Yuwa’ I and Jun asked his name and while he answered, he drooled. That was very funny but cute. For lunch I and Jun had Tonkatsu and Ramen which was set (Not Tonkatsu-ramen but separated each dishes) It was very full.

When I came back home (Orita’s house is a mansion) I, Jun, Orita san, and Orita’s wife had talked together in the living room (although it was a small room but warm). At first I did not talk much because I am mot talkative and always listened, but Jun told me to talk something because it can train myself. However when we listened to both Orita san, sometimes when we answered, it was not the same story. In the Orita’s san house which has a small dog (I could not remember the species but it was funny. They love the dog very much)

Then, next day which was the day that I and Jun had to stayed in Mitsunaga’s house because Orita san was busy, so we could stay 4 people together at the same house and easy to take a trip each other. Mitsunaga san took us to the waterfall. The weather at that time was around 10° -15° C. I felt it was cold like the winter in Chiangrai. The waterfall was very beautiful. I could not remember that I have ever seen something before but it was really very beautiful! Afterthat we came back home and available. So I and friends took a walk near the house which had the shop, so we shopped for a while. After Yuriko and Shiori finished shopping but Jun did not, so we came back to the house late. While I and Jun came back. We stopped at the ramen shop and entered to the shop but we did not buy ramen, we bought soft-cream. While we bought, it seemed like it was very hard to buy because our Japanese speaking skill was very poor. However the shopkeeper was very good-looking ^^” After that we had done and came back to home! It was the first night that 4 people sleeping in the same house. I could sleep well because I felt sleepy all day (I did not know, why) but it seemed like friends were hard to sleep because of my snoring voice~ ( じょうだん !)

The next day Mitsunaga san took us to Nobuta’s house who is the relationship. We had lunch here and talk together for a while. In the afternoon Mitsunaga san took us to Sapporo Dome which is the 2 nd big dome in Sapporo. (I am not sure) And!! I had found something was very surprise at here! There were the seal of model of my favourite band’s hands. It means Glay which is my favourite rock band, they had ever been to perform the music in the Sapporo dome, then they charged their hand to the block and show in the Sapporo dome. I was very impress ^^ Anyway the Sapporo dome was very large, clean, and beautiful view. I like it

I and Jun had to stay at Mitsunaga’s house for 2 days. After that when became to the 4 th day in Japan I and Jun came back to Orita’s house as before. In the evening Orita san always take the dog (who is name Komugi or Komu-chan) for walking. I and Jun followed him too. While I walked around I felt Japan is very neat, clean and perfect!! Everything and everyone stay in the discipline. It is very good to copy for using in Thailand. Perhaps it was because I noticed only the good thing.

Next Mitsunaga san told us that we would meet with the Japanese teen and they would took us for sight seeing in the town of Sapporo. There were Satoko, Hiromi, Rikako. Everyone were junior of us but seemed like adult -_-“ They took us to Suzukino which place is very chaotically and full of teenagers. We shoped, sang a song at karaoke, and took photographs. It was very fun!! After that I came back to home and separate with them at subway. I felt I love Suzukino already! Orita san waiting for took us to home and then I and Jun came back to Orita’s home. Every night we sat in the living room and talk together before went to bed.

It seemed like I got up late everyday I always got up after Jun and took a shower until breakfast finished. Okasan always cook for us and the taste was good! I did not eat vegetables, she knew and always took care me about others food. After breakfast finished I and Jun washed the dishes and talk together with Orita san. Today again, they had planned for us to go to junior high school. We went for 2 classes. First we sat assemble to the student and studied with them. For second class, we stood in the front of class and answered the question from the students. Yuriko was the person who answered much. Then we came back home. The junior high school students were very cute ^^”

It passed to the 6 th day in Sapporo, I felt time went on very fast and my money lost very fast too (hahaha). The plan for today was going to Suzukino by ourselves! Mitsunaga sent us to the subway and left us to journey in the town! (But he gave the mobile phone to Yuriko for cantacting) I though if I went alone I would lose the way surely! Because I can not remember the way but I did not dare because I went with friends! We went together until arrived at Suzukino again! Suzukino is the place for shopping, walking, sight seeing. We walked around aimlessly but funny! Shopped, took photographs, walked…something like that until the sky was dark. Something that I surprise was Host-club. I used to found Host club in the internet and waiting for seeing the real and I saw! However I did not want to get them back (hahaha) Well, I love suzukino ( ほんとう !) Of course this night at Orita’s house we had many things to talk together! It was fun!

The plan for 7 th day was going to Sapporo International University for learning culture. We met Satoko again and she took us to go around there and stop at the ceremony of tea making, I stood until I felt stiff. Then we went back and Mitsunaga san told us that he would go to suzukino again for having dinner with his friend. I felt very excited because of going to suzukino (not only me I think everyone felt the same as me!) We had dinner at the restaurant in Suzukino for a while and back home ( しあわせでした。 )

The 8 th day we had to go to the sea. It took time for 4 hours until we arrived at the sea. We stayed at the Mitsunaga’s villa. I did not go to the sea frequency but I think Thai sea was more beautiful than here. However I have never seen the most sea in Thailand before, at that time I though that see was very beautiful! In the evening we had to go to Onsen which I did not want to go -_- but it seemed like I should go. (Shiori could not go because her condition was not suitable) It is the normal thing that Japanese people soak in the warm water together but I was not. We desired before enter to the pool very long time but finally we should go! Yuriko and Jun love this thing and soak in the water very long time, but I felt the water was very hot! I could not stand and went out from the Onsen. After that we came back to the villa, Shiori was watching TV. And then we had dinner together in the villa. Until night I had nothing to do and felt bored. So I went to bed early.

Today again, I was the last one who got up finally. After we had breakfast I walked along the stone-beach to relax and sat down the stone alone. When I came back to the villa, it seemed like I had nothing to do again. I and friends walked along the street near the villa to look at the scenery and took photographs. The atmosphere was very clear; I like it even if it was cold. We had U-don for lunch and we helped together to wash the dished. Until 3 PM, we had to come back to the house. Between the ways they stopped at Otaru which is shopping area. We and host-family separated for a while to shopping individually. We shopped and took photographs. Host family gave any presents to us. (In fact my host-family gave a lot of presents to me and Jun since the first day until the last day) For dinner today, they took us to Orita’s daughter’s house. At first I did not know who was she? When I know I was very surprise because she is very beautiful! She cooked dinner for us and her husband talked with us was very funny. Orita’s daughter’s husband is musician, he plays saxophone and played it for us between dinner. I though this time was the funniest dinner! I love everyone. They always told about the blush thing of us but it was very funny, however they are very friendly.

Next day in the house, Orita san asked us which place that we want to go today between Department store, Lake, and eating Ramen. We decided the answer very long time because I want to go every place ^^. Finally the answer was going to the lake and afternoon going to eat ramen then, tomorrow going to department store. It was OK. Orita san drove the car to the lake. The weather at that time was very cold. I and Jun wore coat, hat, and scarf. However the lake was beautiful and very large. We took photographs all together. After that in the Ramen shop, there was Thai Khaw Pad version Japanese. We tried to eat which I though it was also delicious like Thai food. After lunch, Orita san took us to his friend’s house. They told us they are best friend each others and love together very much. We talked together inconsiderably. Orita san told his friend that Miho love Rock Music, suddenly he gave me many Rock CDs I was very excited because he looked scare but infact he is very kind! Also his wife she always took care us when we talk together. I was very impress with them. Before we came back home, they take us to Nobuta’s house again to dinner. There were lots of Japanese and Thai food. I felt I gain the weight surely (everyone too). While we ate, Nobuta’s son came back to the house. He is cute (hahaha). However this dinner was also happy for us.

This is last the day that we could go anywhere freely. Orita san took us to shop in the department store. We took the time many hours but finally I still did not buy anything. Orita san took us to others shop. I felt I annoyed him too much. After that when we came back to the house I and Jun walked around near the house to relax and look at the view in the night. The weather was cold. There was the minimart near the house, I and Jun often went there to read the books in this shop (In fact we just looked at the pictures) but we did not buy any books. I often buy any snacks because there did not have in Thailand. Today I and Jun did not meet with Shiori and Yuriko and waited for return to Thailand tomorrow.

This morning Orita’s wife cooked Gyoza for us. Not too much time from now on, I and Jun prepared the luggage. Jun bought many comics and it was over for her luggage. Then we had to go to Mitsunaga’s house to prepare for the time to go to the airport. But!! There was something false to me! I lost my e-ticket. I tried to find many times but I could not found. However Mitsunaga san could help me. He said something to officer and told me do not worry, so I could pass it. Until the time was coming I felt I did not want to back Thailand. I needed to stay here now and forever but it was impossible. However everything that I have received from them and everything that I found in Sapporo, all is the best thing that I have never seen before. I want to say thank you even if it is just a few words but it is very precious thing. Thank you.

For the experiences, I had received the way to live in the strange places. Jun always told me to dare to talk with people. We had to talk with them so we can improve speaking skill. Something that I respect host-family that is kind. They are very kind and always take care us even if it is a few things. It made me to know how can live with many people, we should care about other person’s mind. Finally people who I need to say thank you most is Fujita sensei. If there is not Fujita sensei, all of impress things can not happen. Arigatou.  
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